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Construction completed at Lion Club, Hoxton

January 19, 2017


SDPSA wins planning for 34 homes at Wandle Bank, L.B.Merton

December 5, 2016


Construction Completed at Quest Road, Croydon

September 7, 2016


Hackney grants planning for Eagle Wharf

July 14, 2016


News Release: Enfield grants planning consent for Green Dragon

February 12, 2016


1517 Green Dragon_news release 160212

News release: Brent grants planning for 248 Wembley homes in former council offices

February 11, 2016


1445Brent_news release 160211

2014 Skyros, Greece

October 19, 2015


Another venture away form the UK (Luxembourg 2008 being the other). This time a private residence on the island of Skyros.  A great scheme and a great team, but the client decided on Greek experience.  Oh well still chasing the overseas project.  An ambition I may fulfill in the next 20 years!!!

Stephen Davy, Director

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2013 Cambridge Hall

October 5, 2015


A very small but very enjoyable project, albeit frustrating at the same time. It is the insertion of 3 flats within the grounds of a listed tabernacle church.  The purpose of the scheme to help raise revenue for the refurbishment of the church to remove it from English Heritage ‘at risk’ register. We have had extensive discussions with EH and have reached agreement on a form of construction. We just have the planners to convince now.

Stephen Davy, Director

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2012 Quest House

September 21, 2015



Quest House, a return to the projects of old. The conversion and refurbishment of a former office building. This time in Croydon, next to East Croydon Station. The beginnings of a much wider regeneration of the Croydon Area, which has now begun. The project takes on many lessons learnt over the years. The combination of making the best of the existing building and adding to with imaginative layouts that allow flexibility of tenure and good quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Stephen Davy, Director

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2011 Livity

September 7, 2015


Social Housing has certainly changed since we started out in practice.

Then, RSL’s provided affordable rent housing. Now with the reduction in grant and the need to generate revenue to expand, shared ownership and private sale seem to be the preferrred model of the RSL.  At livity we have a row of terrace houses that on the open market would sell for £1m. Once upon a time any family houses would be affordable rent, now private sale. We suggested if they were to be private sale, they should be exemplars. The houses have a range of spaces, filled with natural light. All the ingredients that would appeal to a home owner in the current market and help enhance value.

Stephen Davy, Director

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